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AMD licenses AccelerComm's IP for 5G advancements on T2 Card
Sat, 16th Dec 2023

AMD, the US-based global ICT industry leader, has licensed Layer 1 5G IP specialists AccelerComm's 3GPP LDPC accelerator IP, to be utilised on their T2 Telco Accelerator Card. The announcement was made from AccelerComm's headquarters in Southampton, UK, on Tuesday 12th December 2023.

The AMD T2 Telco Accelerator Card offers a high performance, low latency, and power-efficient platform for 5G O-DU deployments. With the integration of AccelerComm's IP, a complete pre and post processing wrapper and subsystem fulfilling the 5G NR 3GPP chain is delivered when using AMD's Soft-Decision-FEC LDPC Encoder and Decoder Cores.

AMD is conducting various global trials using the T2 Accelerator card integrated with AccelerComm's IP. This combination has the potential to enhance the cost efficiency of an O-RAN system by offloading the heaviest processing components, chiefly LDPC forward error correction. Furthermore, the use of AMD's 4th-generation EPYC processors and the T2 Accelerator Card using standardised interfaces, results in robust flexibility and increased capability for supporting more cell sites per system.

"Efficient 5G networks delivering optimal performance require close co-operation between all partners in order to achieve the promises of Open RAN," explained Will Brown, Director and Product Manager at AccelerComm. "We are proud to collaborate with AMD in realising this vision and anticipate providing support for their future pioneering projects."

Mike Wissolik, Director of Product Marketing at AMD's Data Center and Communications Group, shared his excitement regarding the collaborative project. "Our collaboration answers our joint customers' demands for more choices in high-performance processing and accelerator technologies," he stated. He also highlighted how the inclusion of AMD's 4th-generation EPYC processors, possessing up to 64 cores within the challenging telco power budget, improves the efficiency of Cloud RAN solutions when configured with their T2 Telco Accelerator Card.