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Cerillion signs EURO €12.4 million contract with Tier-1 European telecom provider
Tue, 7th Nov 2023

Cerillion has announced a significant new contract worth an initial EURO €12.4 million with a Tier-1 telecommunications provider based in Europe. The London-based company, renowned for providing billing, charging, and customer relationship management software solutions, will supply and implement its flagship solution's core elements for an initial 5-year term.

These flagship solutions and core elements include billing, charging, fulfilment, and a product catalogue, to be supplied on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

The new,  initial 5-year term, customer contract resulted from a rigorous selection process that pinpointed the commercial, operational and financial advantages of Cerillion's out-of-the-box product model.

Cerillion's single-product approach offers all the major benefits of a customised solution without the significant cost and integration risks associated with a bespoke approach. One of the key decision-making factors for the new customer was the ease with which Cerillion's software allows the latest products and packages to be rapidly brought to market. This contract reciprocates Cerillion's belief that this new relationship will have the potential for further development.

The replacement of the existing separate legacy platforms with Cerillion's single, integrated solution has commenced. The agreement signifies an essential win for Cerillion and further evidence of increasing market awareness and appeal for the company's model of providing a single, seamless, and up-to-date solution suite instead of customised bespoke solutions.

Louis Hall, the CEO of Cerillion plc, is thrilled about securing a new customer, particularly a Tier-1 European telecommunications provider. He sees this achievement as a clear sign that Cerillion's approach, offering a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution suite with regularly updated powerful features, is gaining significant recognition and popularity in the market. He expresses eagerness for a fruitful and strengthening partnership with the new client.

In essence, Cerillion's success with this Tier-1 telecom provider underscores the attractiveness of their model focused on adaptable, pre-built solutions rather than customised, bespoke alternatives.

Louis Hall said: "We are delighted with this new customer win, which is with a Tier-1 European telecommunications provider. It is another indication that our model of providing a single, out-of-the-box solution suite with powerful capabilities that are constantly updated, rather than customised bespoke solutions, is gaining increasing market awareness and appeal."

"We look forward to a productive and deepening relationship with our new client," said Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion. 

Cerillion, known for serving mainly the telecommunications market, is an expert provider of mission-critical software for billing, charging, and customer relationship management. The company was founded in 1999, and besides telecommunications, it also serves other sectors, such as utilities and financial services.

Cerillion currently has approximately 80 customer installations across around 45 countries, validating its claim of comprehensive reach. Besides its headquarters in London, Cerillion also has operations in India and Bulgaria.