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Expereo unveils AI-driven Enhanced Internet to boost global app performance
Thu, 1st Feb 2024

The intelligent internet company Expereo has announced the launch of its new solution, Enhanced Internet. Touted as the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) driven and completely internet-based solution, Enhanced Internet is designed to improve application performance worldwide significantly. The company claims that the service can reduce internet traffic latency by up to 85% and completely eliminate packet loss, guaranteeing optimum application performance.

Enhanced Internet is a product of Expereo's aim to empower cloud performance. Despite enterprises investing heavily in cloud-first strategies and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, many still suffer from inconsistent network performance that negatively affects employee productivity and experience. This new service seeks to tackle these issues by optimising the consistency and quality of application performance, helping businesses maximise their cloud and SaaS investment.

Companies around the globe typically spend an estimated EURO €500 per employee every month on cloud-based applications. However, despite such a hefty investment, network traffic is often adversely impacted by latency, jitter, and suboptimal performing routes. Such disruptions can result in a decline in user experience and employee productivity, potentially causing a significant dent in a company's financial performance.

Expereo's Enhanced Internet seeks to overcome these challenges by leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning. The company's proprietary AI software combines the two technologies to intelligently route network traffic over the most efficient path. It also uses past observations to predict the ideal route for specific scenarios, allowing for the creation of a self-healing network that can manoeuvre around latency and packet loss caused by network congestion.

The new service, when paired with Expereo's customer experience platform, expereoOne, provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their network's health, showing how Enhanced Internet has improved their application performance, all accessible from a single login interface. ExpereoOne also displays performance data, incident management, order status, and invoices at a site level and provides valuable insights into latency, packet loss statistics, and overall quality of service statistics specific to the top five cloud destinations for a business.

Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer for Expereo, commented, "Unpredictable network performance may not seem, at first, like an urgent threat to your business success. That is until you realise the increased demands and pressure it puts on IT teams, the damaging impact it has on business efficiency, and countless hours of productivity downtime. With cloud applications now laying the groundwork for so many modern businesses, connecting to the public internet with the best possible application user experience is the next logical step for global companies looking to future proof their operations."

He further added, "At Expereo, we're already utilising our latest AI solution, Enhanced Internet, to help several customers make the leap into the internet age of enhanced connectivity, with very positive results. We're ambitious about the plans to introduce even more global enterprises into this new era of AI internet connectivity over the coming year."