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Morph partners with Gamma to raise awareness about UK's PSTN switch-off
Mon, 30th Oct 2023

Gamma has teamed up with legendary animation character Morph, aiming to increase awareness about the upcoming PSTN switch-off in the United Kingdom. The innovative partnership intends to ensure that businesses all over the UK are cognizant and prepared for the landmark technological change.

Gamma has recently been a sponsor in Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London, which was a charity endeavour in support of Whizz Kidz; the collaboration with Morph now extends deeper into the field of communication. The partnership is centred around the need to disseminate information regarding the cessation of traditional PSTN lines by Openreach in December 2025, an event which could potentially disrupt business continuity if not adequately addressed.

A study commissioned by Gamma and conducted by CEBR highlighted that 29% of UK businesses still have no knowledge of this upcoming change. The partnership between Gamma and Morph takes on the responsibility of closing this information gap, to ensure that businesses are adequately prepared for the transition into new communication technology. The use of this technology is not just about readiness; it offers businesses the opportunity to access new features that can enrich the experiences for both their customers and employees.

Morph was chosen as an ambassador for this campaign due to his enduring popularity with multiple generations and his unique ability in delivering messages in a simple, engaging way. Created over four decades ago by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, Morph's long-standing history and TV appearances such as in The Epic Adventures of Morph on Sky Kids, have left a lasting impression on many, including business owners and decision-makers.

The collaboration has been wholly welcomed by Aardman, with Morph co-creator Peter Lord working closely on the creative process. Meanwhile, Will Studd, Director at Aardman, remarked that it was a thrilling project, creating an entertaining narrative that explains the switch-over in a playful manner. The film, voiced by Derek Griffiths, showcases the advantages of digital transition through Morph's classic appeal and comedic relationship dynamics with his character counterpart, Chas.

Helen Owen, Head of Product Marketing at Gamma, expressed her enthusiasm for using Morph as the campaign frontman. She anticipates that his widespread appeal and ability to deliver complex messages in a simplified and humorous way will help to increase attention and awareness for the upcoming technological change.

The production process for the campaign advertisement was a meticulously planned event, with each scene individually arranged to retain continuity. Peter Lord ensured that some of Morph's original set pieces were included in the film, adding a nostalgic touch.

While the subject of the PSTN switch-off may seem dry and uninteresting to many, the collaboration between Morph and Gamma aims to inject humour and ease into the topic, with the overall goal of increasing understanding and preparedness amongst UK businesses. Gamma is encouraging audiences to share the campaign video widely, in order to bring attention to the important message of the PSTN switch-off and its wider implications.