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Uswitch reveals top 10 most reliable refurbished mobile phones for 2023
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

This festive season, with January sales around the corner, many consumers will be looking to cash in on discounted items, and one way to save hundreds of pounds on a new mobile phone is by investing in a refurbished model. The question often arises: how can one be confident they are making the right choice?

In providing an answer, Uswitch, an online search and compare service, has revealed the top 10 most reliable refurbished mobile phones for 2023. The study is based on an analysis of popular, recently discontinued mobile phones, with factors such as battery life, camera quality, warranty periods and review scores contributing to the rating.

Topping the list for the most reliable refurbished mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, securing a perfect 10/10 score. The S21 Ultra has been regarded as the high-end S21 version, and until the more recent model's debut, it held the title of the apex Android device. It boasts the best battery life on the list, with a maximum capacity of 5,000 mAh, and also prides itself on a superior 108-megapixel camera.

In the runner-up spot is another Samsung model, the Galaxy S20+, with a score of 9.5/10. Some of the S20+'s impressive features include a 64-megapixel camera and an excellent battery life, boasting a capacity of 4,500 mAh. Introduced at a launch price of GBP £999, a refurbished model of the Galaxy S20+ can now be purchased for as little as GBP £338.

Closely following in third place is the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, noted for its advanced S-pen and 5G connectivity. This phone presents a range of noteworthy features, including performance optimisation for mobile gaming, an exceptional 108-megapixel camera, and stellar battery life.

In further insights from the study, Samsung emerged as the brand offering the most significant savings on refurbished phones, with an average markdown of 61%. The Galaxy S9 presented the best deal; initially retailing at GBP £739, it can now be bagged for as low as GBP £169. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 6 and 7 Pro tied for the most reliable refurbished mobile phone title, each obtaining an impressive overall score of 9.47/10.

Uswitch is a UK-based comparison website that provides consumers with information and tools to compare various products and services, including energy, broadband, insurance, and mobile phones. The platform allows users to compare prices, features, and customer reviews to make informed decisions about switching providers or services.

The primary goal of Uswitch is to help consumers find better deals and save money on household expenses. Users can easily compare options, switch providers, and complete the necessary steps to change their service arrangements directly through the Uswitch platform.

The website typically features a user-friendly interface, allowing visitors to enter their preferences and requirements to receive personalised recommendations. Uswitch's services cover a range of sectors, making it a convenient one-stop platform for individuals looking to optimise their utility and service subscriptions.

With this comprehensive list, customers are now equipped to make an informed choice and potentially save hundreds of pounds on their next mobile phone purchase.