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Why you can't afford to overlook ODA: The catalyst for future success in telecom
Mon, 8th Jan 2024

Today, adaptability and collaboration are the bedrock of success for communication service providers (CSPs). In the midst of digital transformation, this success and the evolution of the industry hinge on a pivotal new framework: Open Digital Architecture (ODA). At its core, ODA can provide CSPs with the agility they need to create an open ecosystem to innovate and launch new digital services with partners or internal innovation teams. The framework provides guidelines and specifications to separate concerns and integrate various software components, systems and technologies. When properly implemented, ODA allows for more seamless collaboration between different players in the industry and/or different technology providers within the CSP. ODA simplifies integration and redefines collaboration and monetization strategies for CSPs to drive growth, improve efficiency and transform their customer experience. Above all, it enables them to innovate with partners in the digital era.

The Power of ODA: Pioneering Transformation

Here are six reasons why every CSP should take note of ODA's significance:
Seamless Industry Collaboration: ODA acts as the conduit for seamless collaboration between operators, vendors and partners. Establishing a common understanding, ODA accelerates the formation of unified ecosystems and bridges existing gaps between operators, vendors and partners. Think of it as everyone who used to speak different languages suddenly has one thing in common, so instead of wasting time struggling to understand each other, they can get on the same page and get to work right away. 

Accelerated Innovation and Transformation: The same decomposition and integration capabilities that enable supplier partners also enable multiple ‘production’ systems within the CSP. These allow CSPs to introduce new or next-generation technology. An order would be explicit by service type, speed, port type, medium, etc., while a new production system may be added for new networks. An order might be intent-based but exposed via ODA APIs. ODA ‘Core Commerce’ can quote, order and manage a solution for a customer with components from both and more.

Monetization Opportunities: Vendors can unleash a spectrum of value-driven use cases within the ODA framework and establish best practices. This breadth of possibilities empowers CSPs to diversify revenue streams more effectively. Instead of trial and error, the ODA framework acts as a guide to point CSPs in the right direction. 

Industry-Leading Standards: ODA introduces standards, notably the TM Forum Gen5 Open API portfolio. These standards ensure consistency and compatibility, aligning vendors with the evolving needs of CSPs. The only constant in this industry is change, and that’s how it should be, as change simulates forward progress, a goal everyone can agree on. 

Plug-and-Play Interoperability: ODA facilitates plug-and-play interoperability within operators' software estates and simplifies integration processes for both vendors and operators. We’re in a global moment of “go, go, go” and the ODA framework makes it possible to move at the pace customers demand without taking valuable time to figure out new systems. 

Industry-Focused Solutions: ODA fosters the development of industry-specific solutions that make it easier for CSPs and their partners to stay ahead of the competition. As these solutions leverage zero-touch partnering, AI and automation, they can more easily meet the ever-growing customer demands. This ability to tailor to the needs of the industry will, in turn, allow CSPs to serve their customers in a way that is meaningful to them and adds value. 

Real-World Impact: ODA in Action

With these capabilities, ODA empowers CSPs with solutions that enhance business agility, cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Open APIs within the ODA framework streamline interoperability across networks, opening lucrative opportunities for CSPs and vendors to monetize connectivity capabilities. These APIs also facilitate seamless integration and collaboration, promoting innovation and cooperation between CSPs and partners.

With Open APIs and a catalogue-driven approach, CSPs can boost their core services with agile, cloud-native solutions. As part of TM Forum’s broader Open Digital Framework (ODF), ODA, accompanied by transformational guidelines and AI-driven solutions, propels CSPs towards their goal of being intentional and proactive about their customers’ needs rather than reactionary.

CSG is at the forefront of ODA’s principles and standards adoption. Our commitment to innovation, customer-centricity and competitiveness underscores the transformative potential of ODA in today's dynamic telecom landscape. Embracing ODA is a strategic necessity to unlock new opportunities and drive tangible, real-world benefits that make our customers’ lives easier. It positions CSPs as the heart of an innovative, collaborative and profitable future and allows them to deliver extraordinary customer experiences faster than ever before.