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Peter Claydon stories

Peter Claydon is a writer with a keen interest in the evolving landscape of technology, particularly in the realm of 5G and Open RAN (Radio Access Network) radio products. His insightful columns delve into the strategic partnerships within the tech industry, showcasing his expertise in analyzing how these collaborations could shape the future of telecommunications. Specifically, Claydon focuses on the partnership between Accton and Picocom, two companies at the forefront of 5G innovation.

Among the detailed explorations is the integration of Picocom's PC802 silicon in Accton's O-RUs—an advancement poised to revolutionize 5G infrastructure—and Accton's move to commercialize Picocom’s ORANIC in-line PHY/NIC O-DU card for the mass market. Claydon's writings not only outline the technical nuances of these developments but also highlight their potential impact on the broader tech landscape, reflecting his deep understanding of the sector and its future directions.