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Brillband named fastest broadband provider at Genie Awards
Tue, 26th Mar 2024

Broadband provider Brillband has emerged as the fastest provider in the UK according to the annual Broadband Genie Awards.

The Glaswegian internet provider, with customers receiving an average download speed of 523Mb, earned the title of Fastest Broadband Provider in 2024. The company presently offers a 900Mb broadband package, delivered via the CityFibre broadband network.

The Broadband Genie Awards, which incorporated over 400,000 speed tests, took into consideration data from 86 broadband providers across the UK. This extensive analysis presents highly accurate insights, reflecting the actual speeds that consumers are experiencing in their homes. Broadband Genie encourages customers to verify their internet speeds to ensure they're getting the service they are paying for.

Following behind Brillband with notably lower average download speeds were Fibrecast, with 403Mb, and Gigabit Networks, at 375Mb. On average, customers across all broadband providers in the UK reach a download speed of 172Mb. 

Interestingly, popular broadband providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, BT and Vodafone ranked in the lower half of the study. These results suggest that a considerable number of customers either grapple with unreliable speeds or opt for packages that do not deliver the absolute top speeds. All these providers utilise the Openreach broadband network, which currently covers 42% of the country with full-fibre broadband. The fastest widely available provider in the UK was found to be Virgin Media, with average download speeds of 201Mb.

The study also revealed that 13% of British users have broadband speeds under 10Mb, while 2% report speeds that are lower than 2Mb. Such low speeds would make streaming on platforms such as Netflix or Disney Plus nearly impossible even at the most basic settings.

Brillband's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Duncan Di Biase, shared, "At Brillband we set out to become the most loved broadband provider in the UK.

"We place the customer at the core of everything we do," he said. "We have developed and leveraged leading-edge technologies to deliver the fastest broadband speeds in the UK... Brillband can currently service 3 million homes in the UK, but we won't stop until we can service every single one."

Alex Tofts, broadband expert at Broadband Genie, remarked, "Congratulations to Brillband for an outstanding performance across the last year... While Brillband and other challenger providers serve fewer customers, these smaller companies are more likely to be investing in the latest technology and signing customers up to the fastest speeds on the market."

The study encourages customers experiencing slower speeds than they're paying for to report this to their providers, and to consider switching to a faster service if necessary, using a trusted comparison service to explore options available in their locality.