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Snom launches world's first DECT-over-IP solution with M500 system
Sat, 14th Oct 2023

Snom, a specialist vendor in IP communication for smart workplace environments, has launched the world's first DECT-over-IP solution. The company's newest offering consists of the M500 dual-cell system and two end devices, all designed to meet the requirements of medium-sized shopping areas and mobile offices.

Snom has a reputation for delivering top-quality IP telephony features, and its latest product line, the M500, continues this tradition. The new DECT system, specifically engineered for businesses that need high levels of mobility, such as medium-sized offices and shops, presents a range of robust business communications functionalities. The unique feature of the M500 is that it enables two base stations to be connected in a series, merging them into a single cell. This innovation becomes especially handy when the number of available LAN ports is scarce or LAN cabling is impossible to install. Irrespective of the VoIP service provider, the connected DECT base stations can facilitate up to 16 DECT IP phone calls concurrently and incorporate up to 48 SIP identities.

The new M500 DECT multi-cell system showcases an exceptional indoor range of up to 50 metres and it extends up to 300 metres when used outdoors. Equipped with LDAP and XML phonebook support, it features a central telephone directory housing 500 entries, which is accessible to all connected telephones. Moreover, the power status of DECT, VoIP, and the entire system is displayed using three LEDs. Existing PoE switches can be used to power the system.

A prominent feature of the M500 is the peculiar "Shared Call Emulation" system which enables calls from different trunk lines to be monitored system-wide through six LED function keys. These calls can be accepted, held, or transferred with any of the associated telephones. This function ensures additional flexibility in multiple application settings. The M500 upholds the latest encryption standards of authentication, automatic configuration and zero-touch provisioning using mutual TLS (MTLS).

The M500 DECT dual-cell system operates with two new end devices – the Snom M55 cordless handset and the M58 DECT desk phone. Both devices are integrated with wideband audio and an antibacterial shell, enabling an uninterrupted transition of calls between base stations. The M55 handset boasts a large 2.4" colour display for exhibiting an intuitive user interface. It also allows for central customisation of all settings via the M500 base station, using zero-touch provisioning, offering a hands-free option for software upgrades.

The Snom M58 DECT desk phone, on the other hand, provides impressive flexibility in its placement since it does not require a network connection. The standard functions of the phone and the Snom system function can be programmed on eight LED keys that can be assigned three different tasks. The M58 supports both wireless and wired headphones.

The Snom M500 signifies a new landmark in the Snom ecosystem, given its adaptability and practical applicability across an extensive array of applications. "A DECT desk phone and a dual base station are the ideal beginning to a flexible working setting," says Senior Application Manager at Snom Oliver Wittig. "Particularly, people managing a shop or a restaurant will find this solution enormously beneficial."