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Zayo Group's near-net expansion to boost 100G connectivity in Western Europe
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

Zayo Group, a global forerunner in fibre network infrastructure, has announced a substantial near-net expansion, set to deliver 100G connectivity to thousands of businesses throughout Western Europe. This development will bolster connectivity services and provide robust, high-speed network alternatives for businesses situated in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and France.

The connectivity enhancement aims to facilitate Zayo's ability to connect organisations in close proximity to its fibre infrastructure efficiently and promptly. With the expansion, Zayo is addressing the evolving IT infrastructure needs of thousands of businesses, increasing the capabilities of corporate clients to swiftly adopt innovative technologies and cloud systems.

Presently, Zayo furnishes approximately 7,000 buildings across eight mainstream European markets with near-net connectivity. Further expansion is anticipated throughout 2024, with key focus areas being London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dublin and select markets in France.

Data discoursed by Omdia discloses that 63% of enterprises have invested in private data centres to achieve 100G connectivity, while 54% are partnering with multiple public cloud providers to achieve the same objective. Zayo's near-net expansion intends to eliminate this necessity, proffering reliable, scalable connectivity solutions for its fibre infrastructure's neighbouring businesses.

Discussing the far-reaching implications of Zayo's expansion, Michael Katz, VP of Products and Technology, stated, "Too many businesses rely on incumbent broadband services, which can significantly hinder performance and productivity. Our near-net expansion leaves this issue in the past for thousands more businesses throughout Europe."

"We will bring our suite of connectivity services to the front door for companies that have previously struggled with unreliable connectivity options, creating an environment where they can easily adopt cloud systems and innovative technologies to help their businesses thrive."

Zayo is committed to expanding its presence in Europe by constructing and providing top-notch, low-latency networks. This effort aligns with the company's overarching expansion strategy, reinforcing its dedication to delivering high-quality network services across European markets.

Katz said, "Zayo designs, builds and delivers the highest quality, low-latency networks to markets throughout Europe, and this is just another step forward in our continued expansion plans."

Exacerbating Katz's statement, Ian Redpath, Research Director at global analyst firm Omdia, conveyed, "74% of enterprises need a 100G connection to support their own private and multiple public cloud data centres. Zayo's near-net expansion extends fibre infrastructure directly into many more client sites, enabling 100Gbps high capacity, low latency, arterial connectivity required to support today's modern, cloud-centric, IT infrastructure."

This strategic move by Zayo Group is poised to bring about a tangible shift in addressing connectivity problems that significantly impact business productivity. With its future-ready network boasting 17 million fibre miles and 142,000 route miles, Zayo aims to make connections that are not only resilient and efficient but also conducive to supporting the rapidly evolving technological landscape.