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Zyxel unveils WiFi 6 indoor access point for small to medium businesses
Mon, 27th Nov 2023

Zyxel Networks, an expert in secure, AI-powered cloud networking solutions, announced the launch of an affordable business-grade WiFi 6 indoor access point, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The NWA50AX 802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, aims to significantly increase network speed and range, thereby accelerating the application of bandwidth-intensive applications and IoT deployments.

The NWA50AX is a dual-radio 802.11ax wireless access point offering each individual a maximum data rate of 1775 Mbps and compatibility with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. These capabilities enable the device to excel in high-density or congested environments.

The implementation of advanced WiFi 6 technology delivers WiFi speeds that are 25% faster than previous technology, increasing overall WiFi efficiency by allowing multiple clients to transmit simultaneously and eliminating air time contention.

According to Zyxel, this innovative device is primarily designed to offer affordable business-grade WiFi 6 networking to small businesses and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) users.

NWA50AX's simple setup involves a few clicks and can be managed remotely via the Nebula cloud, addressing the lack of networking expertise often found among SMB owners.

This ease of installation and configuration makes this device a suitable choice for small hotels, coffee shops, home offices, or boutiques/retail stores. Deploying the NWA50AX equips these businesses to set up their own guest and employee network, thus facilitating access to ultra-fast WiFi 6 speeds.

Key advantages offered by the NWA50AX WiFi 6 Access Point include higher speed and efficiency with the employment of next-generation WiFi technology, easy network coverage expansion due to the PoE-enabled access point's Smart Mesh feature, ease of deployment and management, and coexistence with 4G/5G cellular networks due to built-in 4G/5G interference filters. In addition, it also incorporates WPA3 for more secure encryption between connected devices and the access point.

Gary Chen, ANZ regional head at Zyxel Networks, explained that the new NWA50AX access point simplifies the upgrade process for businesses, and with Smart Mesh and NebulaFlex, establishing and managing a WiFi network that can handle bandwidth-intensive applications in challenging environments has never been easier. He highlighted Zyxel's vanguard position in the industry as one of the first to develop and market WiFi 6 products.

Notably, NWA50AX also received the Taiwan Excellence Award, a recognition that applauds products that are able to unlock new value through innovation. The prize takes Zyxel's total Taiwan Excellence Awards tally to 100, underlining the company's commitment to innovation and their performance in R&D and quality control.